Care Instructions

You’ve all seen the standard care instructions: Machine wash cold. Inside out. Hang dry. Right? How often do you follow the instructions? Probably not often if you’re anything like us.

Wash cold:
Almost all detergents are optimized for cold water washing. There is no need to use warm or hot settings. It doesn’t do anything other than increasing your energy bill, harm the environment, and possibly reduce the durability of the garment.

Hang Dry (but if you must dry use Dryer Balls):
It is still best to hang dry, but if you must use a machine dryer include a half dozen dryer balls to the load. These nifty things speed up drying time by between 20 and 30%. Also, they reduce wrinkling and remove any static build up, thus effectively working as dryer sheets.

Shirts: Wash in cold water, no bleach, hang air dry or cool dry.

Comfort X8 Socks: Wash in cold water, no bleach, tumble dry.  Stretch after removing from dryer to recover sizing.