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A six pack of recycled bottles in every T-shirt

We are so excited to collaborate with these talented artists who share a passion for restoring our oceans. Not only are you doing good things for our oceans by wearing these shirts, you are getting a top of the line, super comfortable, and great fitting shirt.  These T-shirts are so comfortable, they are bound to become your everyday go to choice. 

A portion of all sales goes to help fund our partner's important work to improve the health of our oceans.

STYNGVI, Iceland

Growing up in a coastal town in Iceland has been a big part of my artistic journey. I have so much love and appreciation for the ocean and life underwater which has led to the main focus in my art, portraying the beauty and importance of a healthy ocean, as well as highlighting the pollution issues. I have been combining my art with activism since 2017 and I try to portray complex issues in a simple way to empower and inspire people to take action. I am excited to collaborate with StepChange to spread the word and support organizations that are making important efforts to restore ocean health. ~ Styngvi 


Lauren Gilliam, South Carolina

The "Save Our Seas" collection was inspired by all of the positive changes StepChange and their partner organizations are making to improve the health of our oceans. The artwork relates to their mission to keep plastic waste out of the ocean, keep our marine animals safe, and their habitat clean. I am proud to create art that raises awareness and supports them on their journey for change through sustainable clothing.    ~ Lauren Gilliam

Alexandra Catherine, New York City

"I am a NYC based artist and am passionate about documenting my travels as well as my friends and family's through my watercolors. I was so excited when StepChange asked me to be a part of their Artists Collection. A lot of my work revolves around various coast lines and different bodies of water from around the world.  Keeping our oceans clean is a critical and urgent matter. We must ensure the safety of our planet’s future and protect the ecosystems that rely on healthy oceans. I feel so grateful to work with a company who is proactive about making that happen!" ~ Alexandra Catherine

Ronnie Reasonover, Cape Cod

“I’m so excited to be working with StepChange and help promote their mission to restore the health of our oceans. My first wood carving from salvaged wood was a giant six-foot lobster in 2011. Since then, I’ve crafted hundreds of sea creatures. I find a lot of my base material on the beach and have seen the dramatic increase in plastic trash littering the shoreline and surrounding area. I’m inspired by nature and the beaches of Cape Cod that have so much character. We all need to take steps to recycle more, reuse more and use less to preserve our oceans. I’m proud to have the opportunity with StepChange to help make a difference.  ~ Ronnie Reasonover 

Colin Thompson, Southwest Florida 

“It is a great honor as an artist to be able to work with an apparel company like StepChange that has such an impactful cause related mission. As a native Floridian, and outdoorsman, I have seen how our local waters and environment have changed over time because of plastics and pollution. I am excited to have the opportunity to get involved and be a part of an effort that is dedicated to making a difference and changing the way we recycle in order to improve the health of our oceans.

Count me in!”  ~ Colin Thompson 

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