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Giving Tuesday

December 3rd is Giving Tuesday and Seaside Sustainability needs your support! 
Please remember us on Giving Tuesday!

Seaside Internships
Seaside Sustainability's internship program is hands-down one of the best in the nation, which is why we have more than 50 interns at any given point throughout the year!

Our interns do meaningful work that allows them to gain invaluable experience and encourages members of the community to build and nurture a relationship with the local land and seascapes. All of our hard-working interns are professionally mentored and supervised by our diverse staff! 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

Seaside Sustainability is a nationally recognized, award-winning 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to community engagement, public education and environmental conservation.  

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Seaside Sustainability, Inc. PO Box 131, Gloucester, MA 01931

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Join A Solar Farm
Join A Solar Farm.
Save Money.
Fight Climate Change.
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Seaside supporters are making a huge difference by joining a local community solar farm. Dozens of participants have facilitated the environmental equivalent of taking 290 cars off the road permanently! We're inviting you to build on that impact. And by joining a local solar farm by December 31, 2019 you'll get a $50 Amazon Gift card and Seaside will receive a $100 donation!

Save Money On Electricity
All Massachusetts National Grid electricity and Western Massachusetts Eversource electricity customers can join a local solar farm and save money on their electric bill by buying credits from the farm at a discounted rate. There is no upfront cost to participate. Customers who join now stand to benefit from guaranteed savings for 20 years. Customers are placed on a first come, first served basis.

Care for the Environment for the Sake of Our Kids - No Roof Needed
Of course, in addition to the savings from supporting Relay Power Community Solar, there are the environmental benefits.  Many people would like to install solar energy at their home, but for various reasons don’t want to or simply can’t. Community Solar lets everyone support local clean energy.
Support the Local Economy
According to the Department of Energy, Solar now employs 374,000 workers, or 43 percent of the electric power generation workforce, almost twice as many as employed by all fossil fuel generation, including coal, oil, and natural gas generation technologies.

Get Rewarded
By joining a local solar farm by December 31, 2019. you'll get a $50 Amazon Gift card and Seaside Sustainability will receive a $100 donation!

How it Works
All Massachusetts National Grid electricity and Western Massachusetts Eversource electricity customers are currently eligible. Customers sign up to join a local Community Solar farm. You receive a discount on your share of the energy produced at the farm, saving money, guaranteed. You get the same reliable electricity that you receive now.  There's no cost to join. There's no installation required.

To confirm your eligibility and learn all the details about this special program click here and you can schedule a no-obligation phone call.

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(Offer expires December 31, 2019.  For qualified participants. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery of Amazon gift card by email after approved sign-up.)
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New Action Board Members


Grew up in Manchester Mass. I live with my family in Gloucester. I am a remodeling contractor that has been in business for 18 years doing small Commercial Outfits, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Additions, Restoration, Decks, Basements, Full House Remodels, Painting, and we do outstanding work. We live in a community that is absolutely beautiful, which means that we have to take care of it. I want to ensure that I show in my family you give back to the community to make a better place for everyone else. This is why I chose to be part of this program to make things right.


Luke is a lifelong resident of Gloucester who has always had a strong connection to the ocean; growing up in a fishing family and living just a few minutes walking distance from the beach. Currently employed at The Open Door as the manager of the Ipswich Community Food Pantry, Luke is always working closely with members of the community and regularly sees the positive  impact that local non-profits can have in effecting a major change.
He has a BS from Springfield College and is a dedicated musician, martial artist, and endorser of sustainable living habits. During the summer, he can be found most weekends kayaking or hanging out on Magnolia Beach. Luke’s belief is that as a community that relies so heavily on the ocean, it is our collective responsibility to be on the cutting edge of cleaning and maintaining it… And that everyone has something they can contribute. 


Dawn has always been passionate about STEM disciplines from as early as a young child. She can remember back when she was about 7 years old receiving her first BASIC coding book and creating simple games on the family’s Apple III computer. By the time she was 11 she was writing short code in college. In her teen years she developed an interest in taking electronics apart and fixing them. She went on to college to get her very first associates in computer languages. Fast forward over 20 years and she still loves math, science and figuring out how things work. Her son is following in her footsteps and at the age of 7 is learning how to write his own code and make games and animated videos. Dawn believes in her family that fostering a child’s passion for learning and teaching them at a young age about how to make the earth a better place to live through sustainability is important.


Albert "Butch" Roth  has been woodworking in Lanesville for over 40 years creating custom furnishings and cabinets. Work includes a white oak concert hall interior in collaboration with Fisk Organ in Portola Valley Ca. to more recent bars at  the Boathouse restaurant and Cape Ann Golf Course.  Butch is also  a sailor for 50 years racing multiple one designs to Ocean racing and offshore deliveries. He recently won the Marblehead to Halifax race and competed in several Bermuda races.  He has  built and restored scores of racing sailboats in his shop  along with jointerwork on the Boston Tea Party boats. His offshore sailing has given him first hand knowledge of the changing ocean environment and pollutants which led him to join the team at Seaside Sustainability.


STEM has been a huge part of Dalcione’s education and professional career. She considers herself a geek and embraces the fact that she really enjoys learning, problem solving, and technology. She is a proponent of authentic learning, modernizing traditional methods, and of course, fun. Recently, she transitioned from Education to Technology Consulting. While in Education, she launched a Girls Who Code Club for students in grades 6-8 and began a speaker series to spotlight women in STEM.

Meet More Team Members!
Endicott College - Invasive Green Crab
Seaside's very own, Laura Trudel, partners with Endicott College Professor, Lori Mitchener and her Biology class to work on an invasive Green Crab project. Students evaluated genders and sizes of crabs and learned more about the damage that they are causing our coastal habitats. Awesome work to all involved!
GPS Bradford
Gloucester Public Schools - Registration is Open

In an exciting partnership with Gloucester Public Schools, Seaside Sustainability, Inc. is offering the second annual Bradford Ski & Board Program. The program will meet for six consecutive Mondays this winter, starting on January 6th. The cost per student for six Monday afternoons of skiing or snowboarding is $310 (lift ticket only) or $390 (lift ticket and lesson).
Register Now!

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