Ocean Habitats

StepChange™️ Partners are non-profit organizations currently making meaningful and measurable improvements to our environment.  We are so proud to be helping these fantastic partners. 

Beginning decades ago, thousands of acres in Florida were transformed with dredge-and-fill operations that created canals to maximize waterfront development. These canals provide homeowners with easy water access to our diverse waterways, but the docks, bulkheads and seawalls don’t provide the same habitat values and water quality benefits as our salt marshes and mangroves.  Thus red tide, periodic fish kills and other pollution related issues haver resulted.

Ocean Habitats, Inc. has installed hundreds of mini-reef habitats under docks and in canals in Marco Island, Naples, Fort Myers and Stuart, and is now looking at expanding into the Tampa Bay region.  These new habitat features are constructed of fiberglass, PVC pipe, polypropylene rope and crab-trap floats. The mini-reefs function much like the mangrove systems that originally lined Florida’s coast, providing places for filter-feeders to attach and small fish to hide. The small fish, in turn, attract larger fish. Filter-feeders like sea squirts move in shortly after the systems are installed; in three years the habitats reach peak efficiency with oysters and other filter feeders.  A fully developed mini-reef habitat can clean an average of 30,000 gallons of seawater per day.

Learn more about Ocean Habitats Mini-Reef solution here